LTFR Safety Squad

Established in 2005, LTFR Safety Squad is the department’s public education program that promotes life and fire safety to elementary school age children in the district. Utilizing popular characters and pop culture references, this group of firefighters introduce and reiterate important safety lessons and concepts through annual theatrical performances at in-district elementary schools.

Safety Squad enables members to interact with the community to enhance the relationship between the department and local children and their families. These interactions broaden the participating firefighters’ experience with the community they serve, and promotes positive relationships with emergency personnel.

The program promotes concepts that are universal (EDITH and “stop, drop and roll”) as well as regionally specific lessons, like water safety. Recent themes for programs have encompassed characters or movies that are easily recognizable and relatable to audiences, like Avengers or The Lego Movie, to encourage engagement and participation to assist with retention of concepts.

Safety Squad Live – Avengers Episode 1 –

Safety Squad Live – Minions Episode 2 –

Safety Squad Live -Trolls- Episode 3 –

Safety Squad Live – Pokemon – Episode 4 –