Fire suppression

Fire suppression services are delivered by three 24/48-hour working shifts working from six stations. Each shift is under the direction and leadership of battalion chiefs overseeing all aspects of incident management, logistical planning, training, and scheduling. Each fire station is staffed with a captain on the quint or a lieutenant on the engine, an engineer, and at least two firefighters per shift and houses various types of emergency apparatus.

Marine Fire suppression

LTFR has a growing number of large-scale marinas that service Lake Travis and its users. It is estimated that up to 250,000 customers visit Lake Travis and the surrounding recreational attractions yearly; increasing the number of water related accidents involving fire, boating, water sports, and diving/swimming. LTFR works together with the Lake Travis Public Safety agencies to ensure the safety of those who use our beautiful lake and parks.


Lake Travis Fire Rescue responds and mitigates numerous requests for rescue operations yearly. Rescue disciplines range from advance vehicle rescue and stabilization to vertical/high angle access and extraction.

Medical Services

Lake Travis Fire Rescue operates both basic and advanced life support squads, engines, and quint companies.


Lake Travis Fire Rescue offers Pre-Incident Planning to all commercial buildings to collect data about building(s) and operation(s). This data is provided to responding fire crews if there is an emergency. The sole purpose is to gather information to develop a plan for incident operations.