Pre-Incident Planning

What is a Pre-Incident Plan

A Pre-Incident Plan is a collection of data about your building(s) and operation(s) that fire dispatch relays to responding crews, providing firefighters an information advantage before arrival. This is not a fire code or building inspection. The sole purpose is to gather information to develop a plan for incident operations.

How long does a pre-incident plan take?

The size and complexity of the building will determine how long the pre-plan will take. Most pre-plans take less than 45 minutes. There will be little to no disruption to your operations.

What data is collected in a pre-incident plan?

  • Building Construction Features and Access
  • Occupancy Type and Related Hazards
  • Fire Protection and Suppression Systems
  • Utility Controls
  • Hydrant Locations
  • Owner/Occupant Emergency Contact Information

What does a pre-incident plan cost?

There is no fee associated with Lake Travis Fire Rescue’s Pre-Plan. This is a service we provide to better understand your building(s) and operation(s) so we can effectively respond if an incident occurs.